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Residential Pest Control-A Thorough Inspection

Our residential pest control services are simple and thorough.  The process begins with our friendly, well trained, and licensed personnel providing you with a thorough inspection of your home inside and out to determine where pest issues may be present.  At RED-E Pest Prevention we know all of the common areas pests like to spend their time so we'll locate them for you.  After the inspection we will create a personalized plan to eliminate and control the issue.

Annual Pest Prevention Program

Pests never give up.  And neither do we!  We start with an initial treatment for any current issues as well as anything found during the inspection. Then begin our quality, effective, preventive services to ensure new pest issues that pop up throughout the year don't get out of control.  Your technician will also remove any spiderwebs from eves, patio furniture, and other common areas.  Prevention services are completed on a bi-monthly basis to ensure continuous control throughout the year.

Service technician performing a pest inspection with a littl girl.  looking for cockroaches, ants, spiders, rats, bed bugs, thorough inspecton.

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