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Ants in the house on the baseboards and


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Ants are found all over the world and can cause major issues with food and property.  In some parts of the world ants can sting and be dangerous to you and your family.  

Proper control starts with a thorough inspection to identify the species of ant as well as nest locations, food sources, entry points and more.  Not all ants are the same so knowing what type of ant you have is critical in developing proper control programs due to the biological and behavioral differences in specific species of ants.  The professional ant experts at RED E Pest Prevention can advise you on the best way to solve your ant problem.


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RED E Pest Prevention has been helping homeowners with their ant control issues all over San Diego county.  We are proud to have received an elite service award from homeadvisor!

Risks associated with ants

Most of the time ants are just annoying and gross, but they can contaminate food.  A heavy infestation can destroy food in your home and damage crops and feed for livestock and other animals.

Ants like fire ants normally nest outside but if disturbed can sting and cause health issues.  Carpenter ants can destroy homes and structures and lead to costly repairs.

Ant info

Ants are complicated and fascinating creatures.  Everyone in San Diego has probably had some experience with ants but here are some interesting facts about these little guys you may not know:

* Ants are tough to control

* Pound for pound ants are one of the strongest creatures on this planet

* At any given time of day, only about 2-10% of the colony are out foraging

* Ants and Aphids share a symbiotic relationship.  Ants protect the aphids as they feed on their waste

* Some experts say if you peeled up all of California it would be like one giant super colony with millions of queens.

Store bought at home ant products dont work!

Many of the products that consumers have access to through various big box and grocery stores, as well as a whole plethora of DIY home remedies, unfortunately, do not work and here's why:

* During any given time, only about 2-10% of the colony are out foraging.  The rest of the ants are down under ground working to keep the colony going.  

* Most of the products available to consumers are great at killing ants on the surface but as soon as that happens new ants surface from the colony creating an ongoing battle that cannot be won.

* As licensed professionals we have access to products that are slow acting and "non repellent" which allows the ants to contact the product and carry it back under ground to the rest of the colony achieving much better contact and longer control.

* Many DIY remedies such as cinnamon, essential oils, chalk, vinegar, and others will work for a short time but if not properly placed or not enough is used these methods usually don't solve the problem.  

RED E Pest Prevention professionals are fully state licensed and trained constantly to ensure accurate and up to date knowledge of ant biology, product uses, and methods to control ant issues for good.  Give us a call to start eliminating ant problems in your home.  

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