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Black rat (Rattus rattus). Pajonales. In


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Common household rats

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Rattus Norvegicus - Also known as the "Brown Rat", "Common Rat", "Street Rat", "Sewer Rat", or "Norway Rat", are common in San Diego County.  Adults can range from 6" and 11" long, not including the tail which can be from 4" to 9" long.  Are usually brown or dark grey with a lighter underside.  They have acute hearing and are sensitive to ultrasound and have a highly developed olfactory sense.  They are true omnivores and will consume almost anything, but cereals form a substantial part of their diet.  They will typically burrow into the ground to nest and will travel about 350 feet from their nest to forage.  

Rat, 3 year old, isolated on the white b

Rattus Rattus - Also known as the "Roof Rat", "Black Rat", or "Ship Rat", are also common in San Diego County.  A typical adult is between 5" and 7" long, not including the tail (which is around the same length as the body).  Can be black to light brown with lighter underside.  They are considered omivores ad eat a wide range of foods, like seeds, fruit, fungi, snails, bugs and just about anything else they can find.  They feed on many pet foods, livestock feed, and even garbage.  They live in trees as well as on the ground and will typically travel about 350 feet from their nest to look for food.  

Controlling Rats

The first step in controlling a rodent infestation is a thorough inspection.  It is critical to know the species of rats you are dealing with in order to employ proper tactics to control rodents in your home.  During a free in home inspection with RED E Pest Prevention we will search your home looking for any food sources, nesting areas, as well as any entry points that need to be sealed to "exclude" rodents from your home.  After a proper search has been done, we will create a plan to make any repairs and begin trapping and baiting to control the rat problem at your home or business.  Upon completion of a trapping program, we will discuss future maintenance to help prevent future infestations.  Give us a call or book an appointment today.

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